Why does my dog lick his feet?

Dr. Annie Price and Olive P.

Q. Why does my dog lick his feet?

A. There can be a number of reasons for this behavior. The most common are due to allergies either to a specific food ingredient such as chicken or beef, an allergen in the environment such as grass or tree pollen, or allergies to something in the house which includes microscopic house mites, house dust, and food mites.

Another cause of foot licking is due to nail bed yeast infection. You may see redness around the nail base or a change in the nail color from clear to streaked with brown. But remember, many of these yeast infections are something secondary to the aforementioned allergies.

Some dogs lick their feet for other reasons such as trauma or a torn toe nail, arthritis in the toes, or even obsessive compulsive (stereotypic) behavior. If you dog constantly licks his feet, it can be a sign of underlying issues.

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