Halloween Safety For Your Pets

Halloween is a fun day for humans, but it can present some safety issues for your pet. Thinking ahead can help ensure that you and your pet have a great holiday.

 Take a cue from your pet. Not every pet enjoys or tolerates clothing or costumes. If your pet appears alarmed by the costume, it may be a good idea to skip it. If you still want involve your pet in holiday fun, try a festive Halloween bandana or a pawdicure for your dog by a pet professional using Halloween colors.

 Do not leave your pet unattended in a costume. He may tear it up and ingest the materials causing bowel obstruction or poisoning in the case of metal fasteners made of zinc or lead.

 Constant doorbell ringing, loud noises and people in costume may frighten your pet and cause stress related bowel issues. Keep your pet in a safe, quiet place during this time. Also, never leave pets outdoors unattended during Halloween season. Cases of animal cruelty—especially related to black cats goes up during this time according to Humane Societies.

 Keep candy and wrappers away from Fido. Candy wrappers, sticks from lollipops and other plastics components found in some candies can cause obstruction or puncture the intestines. Excessive candy and dark chocolate can cause poisoning or pancreatitis.  Gum or other candy containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can quickly cause liver failure in dogs. Raisinsand grapes are very poisonous and can cause kidney failure in dogs and potentially cats.

 Wagging tails around Jack O’Lantern flames and candles can be dangerous. Keep your pet away from open flames.

 By following these few, simple tips—you and your pet are sure to have a fun and festive time.

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