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Introducing fido fido Interactive Games

Studies show that like humans, dogs can become bored with the same routine. Our new Interactive Games are a fun way to keep your dog entertained while reducing stress, anxiety and boredom. Your pet will still get playtime with other dogs, but we’ll add some special one-on-one activities so that every session is a unique and fun time tailored specifically for your pet.

Activities include: Fetch, pool time, massage time, tug time, interactive treat toys, etc.

Length of session and investment: During the introductory period sessions will be 5 minutes in length so we can conduct an assessment of what your dog loves best. All introductory sessions must be redeemed by December 31st. Sessions will be held during midday break on select days (see monthly activity calendar HERE), between 1p-2p. We are pleased to offer these activities at $5 per session. Pre-pay for a pack of 3 and get 4th free through October 31st .

Does my dog have ear mites?

Unless she is a young puppy or you have had ear mites definitely diagnosed in another pet in the house most likely no. Ear infections are very common in dogs, especially those with big floppy ears such as Labradors or Beagles. These ear infections can be either yeast, cocci bacteria or rod bacteria or a combination of any of the three. It is important for your vet to look at a microscope slide to determine which type of infection is present as the treatment is very different depending on the organism. Chronic ear infections can be indicative of an underlying problem. Many of these are really secondary to an underlying allergy. Others are due to the physical shape and size of the ear canal or even the lack of proper maintenance after a lot of water sport activity. Don’t let these go without help. Chronic ear problems can cause ear drum rupture, inner ear infections, calcification of the ear canal, deafness and definitely a lot of pain and irritation.

Is there such a thing as a completely hypo-allergenic dog?

It depends upon your allergy. There are dogs touted as hypoallergenic because they do not shed and have hair far more similar to people. This includes Poodles, Bichons, Labradoodles, and Yorkies. However, there are some people who are so sensitive that they react to dog saliva, etc. Also, keep in mind that dogs who play outside can bring allergens into the house on their coat and highly sensitive owners would need to clean their dog regularly.

Guest VET: Dr. Annie Price of Ormewood Animal

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